Projects of Module 3


Project 1a:

Influence of the intestinal microbiome on infections, course disease and success of treatment on cytostatic drug-treated hemic-oncological patients

(Lisa Osbelt)


Project 1b: 

Modulating the human microbiome to prevent infections


Project 2:

Orchestration of phagocytic macrophage activity to clear bacterial infections by cold shock proteins and NF-kappaB signaling in healthy and immunosuppressed elderly patients


Project 3:

Investigation of biofilms during septical prosthesis relaxation


Project 4:

Biofilm, microbiome and infection during cancer of the larynx


Project 5: 

Elucidating the roles of secretory immunoglobulins in asthma under homeostatic and infectious conditions


Project 6a:

Characterisation of innate antibacterial T-cell immunity to understand age-associated infections with C. difficile

 (Isabel Bernal)


Project 6b:

Multi-Omic characterization of mucosal-associated invariant T cell (MAIT cell) responses in infection

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