Ann-Kathrin Meinshausen

PhD Thesis Title: Enhancing the diagnostic security of periprosthetic joint infections by using Dithiotreithol, Next-Generation-Sequencing and C9 as a new biomarker

Start: Apr 2017

Degree: Dr. rer. nat, May 2022


Alexander Pausder

PhD Thesis Title: Elucidating the roles of secretory immunoglobulins in asthma under homeostatic and infectious conditions

Start: May 2017

Degree: TBA (PhD thesis submission: Apr 2022)


Aneri Shah

PhD Thesis Title: Role of YB-1 and NF-κB in TNFR signaling pathways: deciding cell survival or death

Start: May 2017

Degree: TBA (PhD thesis submission: Aug-31, 2021)


Carla Marcia Cangalaya Líra

PhD Thesis Title: Microglia-neuron-ECM interactions in the adult mouse brain

Start: Jun 2017

Degree: Dr. rer. nat, Mar 2022


Rituparna Bhattacharjee

PhD Thesis Title: Sequestration of infected red blood cells and reduced venous efflux precede excessive inflammatory responses in experimental cerebral malaria

Start: Nov 2016

Degree: Dr. rer. nat, Feb 2022


Ayse Malci

PhD Thesis Title: Participation of PMCA-Neuroplastin complexes in neuonal Calcium regulation, signaling and plasticity.

Start: Jan 2017

Degree: Dr. rer. nat, Nov 2021


Sarah Schreier

PhD Thesis Title: Investigation of the transmission, virus spread and pathogenicity of the tick-borne flaviviruses tick-borne encephalitis virus and Langat virus in mice.

Start: Nov 2016

Degree: Dr. rer. nat, Sep 2021


Lisa Osbelt

PhD Thesis Title: Influence of the intestinal microbiome on infections, course disease and success of treatment on cytostatic drug-treated hemic-oncological patients

Start: Jan 2017

Degree: Dr. rer. nat, Dec 2020


Isabel Bernal

PhD Thesis Title: Hypervirulent clostridioides difficile induces a multifaceted response in human mucosal-associated invariant T cells

Start: Jan 2017

Degree: Dr. rer. nat, May 2020


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